Soy Juan David Muñoz Jurado, publicista y diseñador gráfico.
La imagen y las formas son mi pasión, creo que las cosas siempre pueden ser mejores, y que ... no hemos llegado hasta aquí solamente para llegar hasta aquí.

I am an Advertiser and Graphic Designer from Bogotá, Colombia. Passionate about creating beautiful and functional designs, I believe things can always be done better, and design has the power to change the world.

I am a designer with experience in brand and advertising solutions with knowledge in communication strategies. I’ve lead ATL and Digital design projects from concept to execution with worldwide brands. I firmly believe in Design Thinking, Team Work, Visual investigation and Brainstorming as the best ways to achieve a solid communication construction of a brand.

I’ve worked with international brands like Mercedes-Benz, Axe, Aspirin, Discovery-Channel & Chivas Regal in advertising agencies such as Sancho BBDO and Mullen Lowe SSP3.

I love Visual Hunting, Visual Planning, Photography, Digital platforms, Branding, Editorial Design and creating strong design concepts for brands. I’m always researching for what is next and curious about culture environments.

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